Mission Statement

The mission of the National Institute of Pharmacy is to provide accessability to effective and safe pharmaceutical products that fulfil all high quality standards to the public by using the widest domain available. These medicines are essential in the preservation and restoration of health, in contribution to the improvement of the health state of Hungarian and European population.


In our vision, the National Institute of Pharmacy, being an important, prestigeous and reliable authority of the European Union, will not only remain a significant figure on the market of drugs and chemical substance-containing products but by its client orientated activity it will also promote a contiguous progress.


We trust in the European cooperation as well as in fair and regulated competition.

Consequently we aim to co-operate with our clients and other national and EU organisations on a highly professional level by being transparent, effective, responsible and impartial.


We understand that our scope of work has an effect on Hungary’s economic and health care indexes. Our objective is to comply with both the national and the international law. In our communication to the public we strictly support straightforwardness and disclose unmitigated information. We are innovative and we consider changes as challenges to face in the course of our everyday-work.


Our management operates a permenant supervision of the quality-assurance system. In the case of arising problems the management takes measures in the interest of quick investigation and efficient intervention. Our institution controls the fulfilment of the indicated measures as well. We ensure that all our employees are acquainted with, understand, accomplish and comply with this statement.

Our principle is to maintain loyalty towards our aims and values by guaranteeing equal opportunities and continuous training for our motivated and qualified employees.



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