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The Technology Assessment Information System (TEINFO) is a database system which aims to provide information on the status of ongoing assessments.

In its main menu, only limited information can be accessed from the content of the submissions received by the Department. Only the submitting companies are granted online access to information on the current state of as well as on the deadlines of assessment procedures of submissions.

After identification with user name and password, submitters receive accurate information on the assessment of the submission. In addition, completed assessment documents can be downloaded in pdf format.

The submissions, upon their arrival at the Department, are registered in the TEINFO database and, subsequently, the submitting companies receive written notice about the beginning of the assessment procedure and the use of TEINFO. The password with the submitting companies’ user names are valid for one year. Information on user names and passwords cannot be provided verbally.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the use of TEINFO or data provision, feel free to write us to the following address:



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