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Tel.: (1) 8869-300, E-mail: ogyei@ogyei.gov.hu

Mail: 1372 P.O. Box: 450.


Health Technology Assessment

The Department of  Health Technology Assessment was formed in 2004 based on the Transparency Directive (Council Directive 89/105/EEC).

Its tasks are as follows:

- Based on the clinical evidence, the information on efficacy/effectiveness as well as on cost-effectiveness, providing reliable and undistorted information for the purpose of assessing health technologies by comparing them to other resource use alternatives.

- Developing the professional guidelines for health technology assessment and participation in the creation and development of legal regulations.

- Preparing analyses, health policy studies and recommendations on the rational use of healthcare resources.

- Participation in national and international professional forums, liaising with international health technology assessment institutes and organisations.

The Department of Health Technology Assessment has been participating in the activities of EUnetHTA since 2010 (first as part of the National Institute for Strategic Health Research (ESKI), later as part of the National Institute for Quality- and Organizational Development in Healthcare and Medicines (GYEMSZI)). The staff of the Department of Health Technology Assessment is currently taking part in three of the eight work packages of the ongoing Joint Action2. Staff members of the Department are also participating in various projects of the EU funded Social Renewal Operational Programme (TÁMOP).

Beside the activities defined in the regulatory framework, the Department of Health Technology Assessment lays emphasis on sharing its professional knowledge through training events and conference lectures. Members of the Department staff also teach in university education.




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